Captain Maggiore - family exit room

The only one family adventure room at Lake Maggiore!

Lago Maggiore is famous, but not too many people know Captain Maggiore. He was one of the best captains in Europe, and we are really lucky, because his house next to the hotel. 

When he wasn't sailing the waves, the captain relaxed here. The captain never left his most important nautical equipment (e.g. binoculars, compass) on board, and even kept it locked away in his home. To solve the game, you need to open the captain's desk and lockers, get his equipment and use them to solve the mystery. 

You have 60 minutes to do this, but you can leave the captain's house at any time, you are not locked in.

Opening: soon

Key information
  • for families with 10+ yrs children & also for adults
  • 2-4 players (min. 1 adult)
  • up to 60 minutes
  • indoor game
  • located next to the mini golf
  • languages: German