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Knowledge of Muslim travelers accepted

Know the Muslims | Muslim rule (faith life norms clothing) and ... Muslim travelers Knowledge of acceptance Muslim 0 knowledge for acceptance First That Muslims to understand Without preconceptions and prejudice, Correctly Islam and Musuri Understanding corresponding to the arm If you are able to, Mus Rim acceptance of so much flame Shii it is there is no. Receiving side performs the correspondence of as much as possible, Tell the service that can be provided correctly Based on the current facilities and environment in which the receiving side has, without the cost and time, can and It is important to keep up with from time. In addition, the efforts, web sites, blogs, Such as the posting of the store, as clearly as possible, and to show correctly, towards Muslims Leads to peace of mind. Muslims have thought that [want to enjoy Japanese travel]. Excessive response is unnecessary Many of the Muslims, to know the current situation in Japan, we would like to experience. For this reason, strict Dense too Halal correspondence becomes a burden to the Japanese people, it made it and can not be continued, Mus By excessive special treatment the rim of customers, and the original of hospitality, of Japan service Vinegar it should not be impaired.

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